's the sound of a drum-roll. TrrrrBOOM!





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We LOVE beer, we love talking about beer,  we love drinking beer and most importantly we love making beer but not just any old beer mind you ......GREAT beer.

We're so glad we hit on brewing, it means we can satisfy our scientific side while at the same time using our creative tendencies to craft some truly memorable brews. 


One day John came home from work and just said it - 'TrrrrrBOOM' and it stuck. It's like we've been waiting for this moment for some time, we've been working towards this project in one way or another, without knowing it, for most of our lives and now its here, it reflects the anticipation and the triumphant relief!  Here we are!  Tad Dahhhh. 

We play a lot of music in our house - an eclectic mix ....... The Gotan Project, Tom Waits, Elbow, Abba, Pixies,The Beatles, Frank get the picture

and we both love to dance. Jane aspires to learn the Argentine Tango while John is always keen to throw a few shapes.  When we got married our first dance was the Gay Gordon.

Come to the brewery and you will hear the beats behind the beer.

Here's how it all came about........

The Brewery Story

The site of the brewery was once an old pig barn on Manor Farm in Shipton-by Beningbrough.  We were looking for a premises and Jane's friend, put us in touch with Martyn, knowing that he had a barn he wanted to develop.  Martyn was really enthusiastic and agreed to combine building us a brewery alongside a set of craft workshops he had been planning.    The ball was set in motion and Martin has done us proud.  We now have a fabulous 2,000 sq ft of brewery with solar panels on the roof, a bore hole for our water and a glorious reed bed drainage system.  What more could a brewer want ?- (pinches self)

John's story

John with a beerIt all began in the Land of my Fathers , in a quaint little steel town - Port Talbot. As a boy John was fascinated by science, mainly the possibility of blowing things up but also just science in general.  As a teenager he discovered beer, but being the Seventies proper beer was hard to get hold of so John turned to home brew and managed to turn out a tidy pint - good enough for his Dad and his neighbours to start investing in him.  They bought him fermenting bins, casks and ingredients and pretty soon he had a production line going supplying the three houses.

But the time came for John to pick a career and science beckoned.  A research technicians post in Bristol and a degree in biology/biochemistry at Kings College London were followed by a break where he went AWOL in Paris working as a secretary for 2 years and having a very nice time, thank you very much.  Here he met Jane who enticed him back to Ol' Blighty to set up camp.  Back to science he studied for an MSc followed closely by a PhD and worked in cancer research - leukaemia in London and prostate cancer in York.

Despite all the career twists and turns, there were always two constants -  beer and science, why not combine the two?  So after one not so drunken evening with a friend who said he'd invest in a brewery if John started one, here we are. Ready to make great beer.

Jane's story

JaneJane is a Durham lass who wanted to dance and make art but listened to her sensible gene and went down to London to became a nurse instead.  But this was not best for morale.  She loved her patients, but the whole doctor nurse thing wasn't her cup of tea, so she escaped and became an Environmental Psychologist. 

Working for a consultancy in London, she was involved in all sorts of interesting projects, such as safety on the Channel Tunnel, Sick Building Syndrome and Vandalism Damage in schools. But it was the early 90s and it was a bad time for shoulder pads and also this kind of work and so it came to an end. 

Her love of art and making things was still alive and kicking and so she embarked on several part time courses while working as a grants officer for the National Lottery.  The result was an MA in Ceramics and Glass at the RCA and a career as a professional ceramicist.

She now makes beautiful abstract vessels and also does the odd bit of artwork for the brewery - Jane designed the Treboom drum logo for us.

So, you may think there's not much connection with beer here but you see Jane also has a science background (a BSc in Nursing and all that chemistry from making ceramic glazes) and she gets an enormous amount of satisfaction out of making things that people enjoy.  She's not averse to a few jars either though always in a Lady's glass!

Our name

We wanted name that showed we were going to make a big splash - a grand entrance - and what better way than by a drum roll? TrrrBOOM

We want to bang the drum for great beer.